I am an applied economist with researchMoffette_Fanny_20200226_4x5crop interests in agricultural and anti-deforestation policies. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Broadly, I use applied microeconometrics with geospatial data to quantify impact and answer questions relevant for policy building.

My research focuses on how policy incentives affect the behaviors of agricultural producers and influence deforestation and welfare. I study a broad set of policy tools that aim to protect ecosystems; encountered in many countries, these tools include payments for environmental services, near real-time deforestation alerts, and environmental supply-chain commitments, the latter of which are often made in response to threats to brand reputation. Through my research, I aim to examine how environmental policies might have unexpected effects, either positive (because they may lead to increased productivity) or negative (because they may be undermined by other policies or through leakage that can occur as a result of the policy itself). These analyses seek to provide essential information for the design of effective policy.